The quality and consistency of on-site security determines the quality of security on-the-job. This is the essence of the Night Eyes philosophy which assures our clients security excellence. Our consistent policy of supervision eliminates the deterioration of service. And, that’s why at Night Eyes, standard operating procedure calls for supervisor inspection, at every site each day, by our skillful supervisory staff. In all cases, a Night Eyes supervisor makes contact with each guard at least twice in that officer’s 8-hour shift.

Our services include long and short-term security guard services. We believe the individual security officer is the most important part of any security system. For that reason, the security professionals we employ are highly trained experts who are well prepared to handle your security needs. All officer applicants are thoroughly screened. An initial background check is conducted by Night Eyes and local law enforcement agencies and another background is conducted by the state through the Department of Public Safety. Each applicant has an intensive pre-employment background check and prior to placement at a site, will have gone through pre-employment training sessions. All applicants also undergo reference checks, drug screening and extensive interviews. Those who are employed are given continuing and valuable in-depth training. And, each employee is certified by the Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau.

Night Eyes believes in cross-training certified personnel to prevent any disruption of the contracted guard service or to meet emergency situations. Good relations are maintained with local police, fire and all medical departments to help with emergency situations.

For your protection, Night Eyes is insured and carries general liability insurance. We find this coverage to be adequate for most situations. However, in certain instances, a client may desire or require higher coverage. We are able to obtain higher limits when necessary.

• Security Officers will conduct checks by foot of your premises on a timely manner desired by client (All rounds will be through).

• Security Officers will maintain daily logs of all activity observed while on duty and will be turned in on the basis the client desires.

• Incident and maintenance reports will be turned in as incidents occur or as client desires (other logs, such as sign in and out sheets and inventory logs may be created as required).

• Security Officers will answer and monitor clients phone(s) if client desires and will attend customer phone procedures course given by Night Eyes Staff of training by client.

• Security Officers if required will perform employee merchandise checks such as bags, purses, lunch boxes, or other items carried by employees for the purpose of possible theft.

• Security Officers will assist authorized visitors or client customers with their needs as required by client.

• Security Officers will be alert and monitor and report all activity observed and will report incident immediately to client.

• Other duties may apply as desired by client to better fit the needs of that purpose.

If your most important assets are at risk, we can help! We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss how Night Eyes can implement tactical security guard services and solutions for your company.

Night Eyes security guard professionals are ready to provide you with the necessary protection to ensure the safety and security of your business establishment, employees and customers. So why take chances? Allow us to secure your facility. We provide 24 hour service, 365 days a year.