Armored Courier Services:

  • Routed Services
  • Emergency/Rush Services
  • Banking Services (Payroll Pick Ups, Branch Pick Ups/Deliveries, Tender Exchange, Payment Deposits, Check Deposits, Financial Transactions, ATM Services, Coin/Currency Processing)
  • Scheduled Service
  • Messenger Services


If you are interested in lowering your overall operating costs, want to increase your customer’s satisfaction, reduce risks for lawsuits, and most importantly, care about your shipment or parcel security…You need to rely on the courier professionals at Night Eyes Protective Services, Inc.

We understand our clients, and go above and beyond to make sure they are satisfied! From armored banking/ATM oriented delivery to specialized legal and medical delivery, you can be assured that Night Eyes’ courier service delivers your essential documents, packages or valuables at their intended destination in a safe, secure and timely manner.

Discover the many ways Night Eyes can help you:


Courier Services:

    • Armed or Unarmed
    • Daily Delivery
    • Scheduled Delivery
    • Personalized Delivery
    • Rush/Emergency Delivery
    • Medical Delivery (Labs, Pharmacies, Dentist’s Office, Hospitals, Doctor’s Office, Optical Labs)
    • Legal Delivery (Law Firms, Paralegal)
    • Messenger Delivery
    • Courthouse Filings
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