Patrol Security Services in El Paso

Night Eyes Protective Services offers the best security patrol services in the El Paso region and beyond. We can do it all, including patrols, spot checks, surveillance, building lock-ups, and more. With a team of over 300 experienced professionals on our staff, we have the knowledge and training to take care of any car patrol need you may have.

Our Patrol Services Explained

For a brief overview of what our patrol services consist of, please view the following:

  • 24/7 Patrol Service 
  • Marked and Unmarked Patrol Units
  • Private Community Patrols 
  • Spot Checks 
  • Private Parking Lot Enforcement Programs 
  • Surveillance in Unmarked Patrol Units 
  • Incident reduction because of highly visible security patrol presence
  • Immediate Response to Complaints – Noise disturbance, neighbor disputes, trespassing, gang activity, etc. 
  • Random Ground, Perimeter, and Building Checks of Your Property – A patrol security guard will conduct foot patrol for at least an hour of property to ensure the property is secure and free from vandalism. 
  • Emergency Response – A patrol security guard will immediately respond to any emergencies 
  • Private Community Patrols – Homeowner associations, individual homes, gated communities, apartment complexes, condos, etc.
  • Business Property Patrols – Individual businesses, business parks, shopping centers, employee escorts, etc. 
  • “Back-Up” Security Officers – Suppose an officer at one of our client’s sites needs additional assistance or may have an emergency situation. In that case, he/she will notify a Night Eyes Dispatcher to a patrol unit to the location.
  • Security Patrol Lock-Ups & Unlock Services – A patrol security guard will lock and unlock buildings/offices to ensure the facility is safe and secured. 
  • Alarm Response – Once Night Eyes is listed with your alarm monitoring company as the primary point of contact, we will offer your property priority response within minutes. 
  • Daily Detailed Activity Reports – A patrol security guard will report all activity or suspicious vehicles on the property will be monitored.
  • Radio Equipped – Each patrol unit is equipped with two-way radio communication with our dispatch center

When Patrol Services Become Necessary

We often use patrol services for overnight tasks, long-term patrolling, or undercover operations. When buildings are left unattended or have late-night staff working, our patrol services will keep you and your employees safe. Our marked vehicles will keep any suspicious individuals away! 

Marked and Unmarked Patrol Units Available

Depending on the situation, we offer both marked and unmarked vehicle patrol units. This way, we’re able to keep our clients and their property safe. When looking at the task at hand, we will determine which vehicles are best for your situation. 

Can’t Find a Patrol Service You Need? Give Us A Call?

For all your security patrol services, Night Eyes Protective Services has your back. Our crew and vehicles are the best when it comes to security and safety. Our highly trained staff will make the proper judgment calls to make sure you stay safe. Call us today to go over more details and make sure that our patrol, guard, or courier services are right for you!

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