It doesn’t matter if you run a small or big business. Every business needs to know how to take action and to be prepared if break-ins or attacks occur. With just the right amount of preventative measures, you can work rest-assured knowing you are protected and in good hands. We discuss a couple of strategies that can help you upgrade the security at your business. 

Stress the Importance of Security to Your Staff

In order to make sure you are doing the most to protect your workplace, everyone has to be putting their best foot forward. A good business does not leave security to chance. As a business owner, you need to implement policies. You can have regular meetings to remind your employees of policies they have to follow. 

Don’t Allow Your Video Surveillance to Go to Waste 

Video surveillance is a great form of security for businesses, big or small. You can install video surveillance and hire a security guard to keep watch at all times. But you want to make sure you keep an eye on your video surveillance at all times. This form of security isn’t going to work for you if you or someone else is not monitoring it. 

Discuss Evacuation Plans with Employees 

In the case of an emergency, you and your employees need to be ready to act. It is normal to become fearful and confused if an emergency happens, but this can lead to chaos and accidents. Take the time to discuss an evacuation plan with your employees. That way, they are informed if danger were to ever strike your business. 

Monitor for Fire and Other Accidents 

Part of preparing for evacuation is having a security system that monitors and detects disasters and fires. This security system ensures that employees and visitors will receive a warning in advance before anything too severe happens. You should also discuss how these security systems work with your employees. That way, they know what to do if an alarm goes off during an emergency. 

Conduct Quick Building Checks 

There’s no harm in taking a couple of minutes before and after work to look around the building. While it may seem basic, it is a great way to develop a practice of always checking your surroundings. In the case that your video surveillance fails to pick up any potential issues, you can take charge and also encourage your employees to report anything that seems out of place or dangerous. 

Regulate Access to Your Building 

Another easy yet effective way to implement security measures into your business is by regulating who does and does not have access to the building. You can start by distributing as few keys as possible and keeping track of who has them. Distribute even fewer keys to rooms that contain sensitive information. Most effective yet, you can install access control systems to limit access to certain areas within your building. 

Look into New Materials for Your Doors and Windows

To work against break-ins, think about how you can upgrade your doors, windows, locks, and other entryways. Reinforced steel and wood are some of the most durable materials for doors. You should look into high-security, commercial-grade locks for all entrances and exits for enhanced security. These locks should also be installed in areas where sensitive information or expensive equipment is located. 

Shred Documents with Personal Information Before Disposing of Them

One of the best ways to protect your personal information and that of your employees is by shredding or destroying sensitive documents as much as you possibly can before disposing of them. You never know who could access these documents once it reaches a trash can or a dumpster. You should never trust throwing sensitive materials away without taking safety measures. 

Consider Hiring Security Guards 

Lastly, one of the best measures you can take to implement security in your business is hiring a security guard. These professionals are trained to act if an emergency comes up, and it is their duty to your guard your business at all times. Guaranteed, you and your will employees can feel much safer knowing they have a security guard that is on the constant lookout. 

Get Premium Security Services at Night Eyes 

Keeping your business protected is important for you and your employees. Make your business security the best yet by hiring a security guard from Night Eyes Protective Services. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can support your business security. 

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