Divorce can be difficult for various reasons. Not only do divorce cases result in emotional turmoil, but these cases are often accompanied by many stressors such as: 

  • Money matters
  • Child custody
  • Dividing assets

To ensure that your divorce case reaches a fair standing, you should consider hiring a private investigator. The Night-Eyes Protective Services professionals are equipped with the knowledge to help you discover how your ex-spouse is cooperating and can help you gain the assets, financial means, and terms of custody you deserve. 

There are many more ways an El Paso private investigator can help with your divorce case. We’re here to explain a few examples. 

What Private Investigators Can Do 

PIs can extract essential and helpful information in several ways, including: 

  • Gather evidence for court cases or private clients 
  • Interview people 
  • Verify information
  • Collect surveillance
  • Gather vital facts for cases

These are the basic duties of a private investigator. In some cases, they may be hired to investigate computer crimes or assist corporate in solving a case. 

You Can Expect Your El Paso Private Investigator To:

Collect Proof of Fault

One of the best ways a private investigator can assist you in your divorce is by collecting proof of fault. A fault divorce is one where the blame for your divorce is delegated due to the other party’s actions (or lack thereof). The fault is important to determine in cases with the following allegations: 

  • Abuse (physical or emotional)
  • Adultery 
  • Desertion 
  • And more 

Investigators are trained to tackle any difficulties that may come in the way, so you can leave the work to them when it comes to finding proof or evidence. 

Discover Financial Contributions to Child Support 

In uncivil cases, some spouses may try to hide means of income or assets to get away with paying less in child support. In cases where the other party is suspected of hiding money, a private investigator can expertly track down a party’s true means of income, wages, assets, and earnings through database or surveillance financial investigations. With this kind of proof, you can make your financial burdens known in your case. 

Assist in Child Custody Matters 

When children are involved, divorces become all the more complex. Some parties have very serious concerns if the other parent has issues with alcohol or drug use or any other behaviors that show the parent may not be fit to take care of their children. An El Paso private investigator will work to confirm or deny allegations and work with law enforcement to ensure that protective measures are set in place for both the child and parent with custody.

Locate Assets 

It is very rare to work in a divorce case where parties amicably divide their assets. A private investigator can assist if you are worried about disagreements over mortgage responsibilities, gifts, car payments, or inheritances. These professionals can discover financial information from various sources. By using an investigator’s research, your lawyer can use this evidence to create a fair and accurate plan for the division of assets. 

Provide Information on Spousal Support 

Some spouses may be responsible for paying the other party financial support if it is determined that their income or means is not sufficient. That said, some spouses will do what they can to get out of having to pay spousal support. They could take several strategies such as: 

  • Cut hours to reduce earnings
  • Decrease value of a business
  • Delay work bonuses or employee privileges 

Even in these schemes, a private investigator can unravel these attempts to hide one’s income or wages by analyzing documents and conducting financial surveillance. 

What to Look for When Hiring a Private Investigator 

When hiring an investigator for your divorce case, you consider: 

  • Costs
  • Written contracts that outline services
  • Whether they are compliant with laws regarding searches/surveillance 

This is important to be mindful of because any PI who does not work in compliance with the laws means you may not be able to use any collection of evidence they provide. 

Consult With Our El Paso Private Investigators Today!

When you decide to hire a private investigator, you take your divorce case a step forward. If you think you can benefit from a PI, you’ve come to just the right place. Contact Night Eyes by calling (915) 351-0831 to learn more about how we can help you.  

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