With so many threats in the world, it can be frightening to go out, especially if you currently face personal risks. This is why many professionals, famous performers, and politicians turn to private security. Security professionals’ top priority is keeping you safe and protecting you from dangers. We will break down potential costs and pricing so you can better understand how these services work. 

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Factors Influencing Cost 

Security Experience 

A private security guard’s experience will play a major role in rates. Most security guards who have experience in private security will usually ask for anywhere from $10 to $15 per hour, sometimes even more. This experience usually includes additional training as well as on-the-job experience. If you are looking for cheaper rates, you may have to look into guards with less experience. 

Military Experience

While private security guards do not have to have military experience, it is definitely a plus. And as you may already know, this could also increase rates. But of course, extra training and experience will give you peace of mind when you need private security. For guards with military experience, you should expect to look at rates ranging from $40 to $60 per hour. 

Police Status 

Some El Paso private security guards are still active police officers, and some of them could be retired or use private security as a side gig. Either way, these private security guards can be expensive, considering their heavy experience and training, as well as the arrest powers they may have if they are still in the police force. Just like security with military experience, these professionals may go for rates from $40 to $60 per hour. 


If you want a private security guard that is armed while on the job, this will also increase rates. But before looking for armed guards, you need to determine whether this is a need or a preference of yours. If you will be attending an event or location that poses a high risk or security concerns, then hiring an armed private security guard is definitely an option to consider. 

Your Needs 

And most importantly, rates and pricing will come down to your specific requests. Some factors include: 

  • How many people require protection or private security services.
  • The physical locations and challenges of the location.
  • Travel destinations and time spent there. 
  • What your lifestyle or daily schedule looks like. 
  • The term you will need a guard.
  • Specific security threats you are facing (if any).

Rough Estimates 

There is no single estimate that can be given, considering every private security business is different. But the El Paso professionals here at Night Eyes guarantee the protection you are looking for at rates that are well worth your while. If you have extra services or requests, then get in touch as soon as possible to learn more about what your quote will look like. 

Other Things to Consider 

Some customers may also request other trained professionals, such as bodyguards. But just like those with several years of experience, they may also charge more considering their skills, background, and risks they are expected to face. Bodyguard rates could also include the following: 

  • Private security insurance
  • Licensing
  • Firearm permits
  • Additional training 

To best find a private security guard, it is recommended to look for an El Paso security firm with experience similar to your needs. 

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