As a security service based out of the growing city of El Paso, Texas, Night Eyes has seen a wide range of clients over the years. Many companies and residential locations hire security services for various reasons. It varies on the industry, time of year, and of course, the situation. Security services will vary depending on the area that requires security. Before you call just any security service, you should know the ins and outs of the company. Think about how long you’ll need security services for and what kind of necessary protection you will need. 

Give yourself and your employees the peace of mind that they’re protected. Various industries can benefit from protective services, as well. Even if it’s only during the holidays or for events. There’s a lot to consider in regards to security with the world we live in now. 

Security Services For Businesses 

Businesses across the country hire on protective security services for several reasons. This can range from high traffic times of the year, events, or if there’s a high rate of theft happening. It’s great to consider your business and staff, but also take in mind the customers entering and leaving as well. 


Retailers have hired on security services primarily during the holiday seasons. With high-traffic at every store, it’s a prime location for something to unfortunately happen. This means anything from theft to people getting injured. Black Friday kicks off the shopping season with a bang, and the season following has everywhere from grocery stores to shopping malls packed. 

As companies begin to grow in popularity, that attracts not only new customers but some of the wrong people as well. Many retailers also bring on security personnel for launch events. Technology and exclusive clothing items bring in a crowd, and it’s better to be safe than have a lawsuit. To help your employees have peace of mind that they have help if necessary goes a long way during busy times like these. It also lets your customers know that they’re safe. Also, in these busy times, having a guard escort your team from the store to the parking lot during late times helps tremendously. 

You also have the advantage of having security personnel drop off deposits during these bust times of the year. With larger than usual deposits, there’s a higher risk of something happening to the money—anything from a staff member risking their own safety to theft. 


Many construction and other industrial companies hire security services for an overnight watch. This happens when there’s a long-term job with the risk of vandalism or someone breaking when the crew has left for the day. Industrial companies that have workers at the facility during late or in the early hours can also benefit from having escorts in and out of the facility. Many industrial companies will have locations in the middle of nowhere that go on for weeks, if not months. Having a security team there to assist if anything goes wrong ensures the safety of your team. Overall, having guards at sites like this reduces the liability risk you have to face in case of an accident. 

Benefits of Security Services 

Keeping your staff and your business location site at all times is only the start of having security benefits. By having a security service assisting you, that means you have immediate help if a crime occurs. You also can have them check IDs and credentials of anyone entering or leaving the location. 

Having the option of armed and unarmed guards is also ideal. Not every situation needs armed guards to enforce good behavior. A security guard’s badge acts as a deterrent for people thinking of stealing or vandalizing a business. Even overnight patrols work to the same effect. Knowing that you have someone nearby to monitor the situation will do wonders for everyone around. However, armed guards may have extra training and certifications than unarmed security. This might benefit depending on the purpose and place that’s in need of protection. Unarmed guards might be better for residential purposes, whereas armed guards may be best over long-term security or anything involving high-end items or money. 

Night Eyes Security Services 

So, from preventing crimes and creating a safe work environment for your staff and potential customers, security services can reduce a lot of stress. Night Eyes can provide everything you need from a security service, from patrol to armed and unarmed security. We’re registered to help any client in the Texas or New Mexico region. 

We’ve worked with the city to patrol the Southwest University Stadium and industrial companies like JOBE. Everything from overnight patrolling to short and long-term contracts. We’ve helped keep the El Paso region safe and will keep your company and staff safe as well. Give Night Eyes a call today

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