The future of life on Earth is at a historic tipping point, one that many people are scrambling to decode and prepare for. One seemingly given of the future is instability and hardship, with economic and environmental problems threatening to strain the already-thin lines connecting people. As such, all eyes are on the security industry to see how it will change and evolve in the future. 

In our latest blog, we tackle the question of security in the 21st century and how the field will adapt to new technologies and threats. 

A Crash Course In The History of Private Security 

Private security like the kind offered by Night Eyes has a storied history dating back several millennia. These guards would safeguard kings and leaders of their lands, as long as providing internal surveillance inside the urban centers. 

The Vigiles Urbani were the first recorded security in the modern configuration, acting as firefighters and policemen in Ancient Rome. Since then, the idea of private security has continued to grow. Noblemen throughout history have hired security to protect themselves against their enemies. These men were often called “watchmen”, as they would literally be on the lookout for any suspicious activity outside the walls of the community, city, or kingdom. 

Not only was security needed to protect the people themselves, but goods being moved between people and nations could be subject to bandits or a siege. Having armed couriers to guard shipments of goods became a stabilizing force for communities and nations. Tales of famous defenders and bodyguards dot the history of mankind, like the medieval knights of Britain, the Japanese samurai, Varangian guards, and more. Even Holy books like the Bible have tales of espionage and protective forces. 

The invention of capitalism in the 1700s created a new market for security personnel as now a growing class of wealthy individuals needed protection for their health and their wealth. Armed couriers became even more valuable, as goods had to be moved across long distances not just for the state but also for wealthy merchants moving goods across land and sea. 

In the early 1800s, there was no such thing as a formal police force, much to the surprise of many learning about it today. The concept of police and the modern security industry seems incredibly old, but they are actually less than two centuries old. The invention of the private security industry was created by Allan Pinkerton, founder of the famous (or infamous) Pinkerton National Detective Agency in Chicago. 

Not long after being founded, the Pinkertons became an incredibly widespread and large agency, once boasting 32,000 in its ranks (2,000 detectives and 30,000 reserves total) by the 1890’s. At the time, this agency exceeded the numbers of the standing army of the U.S.!  Through the 20th century, private security would continue to spread, becoming a massive global industry over the decades. 

Private Security Here & Now

The private security industry continues to grow and expand as threats multiply across the globe. Companies, institutions, and people in nearly every country benefit from private security personnel keeping them safe. 2010 was a huge year for private security, given the eruption of a number of geopolitical issues and issues surrounding the global economy. 

The security industry in the United States alone exceeds a 350 billion dollar market, with the vast majority of that value being in the private sector. This industry sees a full 2 million workers in full-time employment, with many others working in part-time or tangential roles. 

Today, many of the basic roles of private security remain intact, but the roles have also expanded to more IT-related security roles. Given the sheer amount of activity and value in the IT sector, these companies and entities are always looking for top-notch, modern security to be of assistance. 

The Future of Modern Private Security

As mentioned earlier, the name of the game is shifting towards an IT/digital focus, and the private security industry seems primed to follow suit. The IT industry actually provides new technology for security teams, who thereby use these new technologies to better protect many clients, including the IT industry. 

Many of these technologies will improve prediction, detection, and response to threats posed to clients. In addition, these new technologies could also improve teamwork between private and public security entities as well.

The private security industry looks primed to grow and evolve in the following years as various environmental and sociopolitical issues come to a head. As the need for security grows, Night Eyes plans to be ahead of the private security curve.

Trust Night Eyes To Keep You Safe & Secure

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