As a security guard, the main tasks you will have to address as a guard include patrolling and monitoring buildings and other areas to stop incidents that include theft or even violence. Other major responsibilities can include apprehending individuals and guarding against violations of the law. Many security officers work within the private sector or through businesses such as banks, museums, hospitals, offices, nightclubs, etc. Other venues can include retail via loss prevention, armored car guards, gaming surveillance, and bouncers. It can lead to a career or an excellent fallback if you’re looking or leaving police and law enforcement. No matter what you’re guarding or planning to do in the future, keep in mind some of the essentials for what it takes to create a career as a security guard. 

Security Guard Duties and Tasks 

Depending on the job you’re assigned or signed up for, a security guard’s duties can vary on a significant level. In some instances, the position may remain relatively static. Staying in the same location while monitoring security feeds. It could also involve monitoring employees as they enter and exit the building. 

Some everyday tasks to stay aware of include:

  • Communicating closely with law enforcement, fire department, or emergency medical services. 
  • Documenting activities such as disturbances and reporting any damage that may have occurred from the disturbance. 
  • Ensure that alarms, doors, and windows stay functional and secure at all times. 
  • Having to appear in court to interview witnesses or testify in court. 
  • Patrolling and inspecting a property to keep it protected from vandalism, fire, theft, or other criminal activities. 

Skills Needed As A Security Guard 

Security guards need to stand in defense of what they have to protect. This can mean armed robbery, shoplifting, drunken brawls, or other dangerous moments. The constant possibility that something could happen means that the guard must always be focused and on the lookout. Some qualities that every security guard should possess include the following. 


Remember that a guard must always be equipped to handle any situation that could occur. Obtaining the essential security guard gear and equipment is one aspect and can clearly communicate and physically handle the situation. 


Working closely with your employer means you must be open to what happens in situations. They must be able to trust you in every situation and make the right calls to protect their business or the general public. 

Quick Reflexes 

Staying alert at all times is part of the job. Every guard should assess the situation and what’s going on around them at all times. Reacting quickly to a dangerous situation is vital and knowing how to address the situation is crucial. 


Making judgment calls about threats, the size of the threat is all part of rationality. Knowing if something is a legitimate threat is crucial to the role. Rationality relies on processing and thinking about every aspect of the situation and predicting how it will play out. 

Communication Skills 

Knowing how to effectively communicate between the employer, teammates, and the public means knowing how to explain things quickly and effectively. This will keep people calm and help you direct the situation in a safe manner. 

Working Odd Hours 

One of the most challenging parts of being a guard is the hours. Many guards must work outside of average operating hours. Most often than not, a guard is hired to protect places 24/7. 

Education and Training 

 Most importantly, a security guard must have a strong understanding of security operations. Knowing the industry standards and procedures will help you perform all tasks in a safe and professional manner. Getting an education and training for this career will ensure that you will do the job right and make a great living from it. 

Night Eyes Will Have You Ready 

If you’re interested in becoming a security guard and making a living off of it, then give us a call. We’re always looking for the best people to create the best team possible. It’s not an easy job, but it is rewarding in many different ways. Call us today if you have any questions about becoming a guard or how to hire on our services. 


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